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<sup>Retirement Treatment Planning for Dentists</sup>

Retirement Treatment Planning for Dentists

We help dentists within four years of clinical retirement reduce taxes and replace their practice income so they can keep living the lifestyle they love.

As you approach the finish line of your dental career, are you uncertain about your income transition? How will you go from living off dentistry to instead living off your investments and other assets?

And are you tired of tax planning that looks backward instead of using proactive, forward-thinking ways to reduce your taxes over the long haul?

Would you like treatment planning to navigate the financial pieces of your retirement, given what’s at stake?

We serve as a guide during dentists’ retirement journey, so they can reduce their lifetime tax bill and spend their nest egg with confidence. 

<sup>Tax Treatment</sup>

Tax Treatment

You’ve wisely reduced your income tax as much as possible throughout your working years by leveraging a 401(k) or profit sharing plan.

The good news: That tax-deferred asset can be used to generate cash flow in retirement.

The bad news: The IRS will want its share. A good chunk of your 401(k) account balance is considered AR to the IRS.

And there are tax implications with your social security and non-qualified investments as well.

Your total tax bill in retirement will likely be seven figures, even if you’re in a lower tax bracket than during your practice years.

A proactive tax planning approach will reduce your lifetime tax bill so you can have more money for the people and things you love.

Income Treatment

Income Treatment

You’ve received income from treating patients and practicing dentistry for decades.

You’ve built a life around the expectation of that dental income. You intend your life and lifestyle to be similar (or better!) when you walk away. Why shouldn’t it be?

But your money will originate from different sources in retirement. 401(k)’s. IRA’s. Practice sale proceeds. Non-qualified investments.

It's all taxed differently. And it may affect the taxation of your social security.

How do you fit all the puzzle pieces together to replicate your income for the next several decades, make sure you don’t run out of money, and NOT overpay the IRS?

We help dentists solve that problem, so they live a worry-free retirement they love.

What's the Cost?

What's the Cost?

You deserve and expect full transparency about the money you will pay in exchange for the guidance and services we delivery.


Our initial engagement with dentists is project-based for a flat fee. We will build your financial plan over the course of four meetings for a total cost of $1500.


At the end of that engagement, you have the option of implementing the plan yourself, with another advisor, or working with us on an ongoing basis.


Our ongoing service model includes tax-focused financial planning, income planning, and investment management for a single flat monthly fee.


While investment management fees are included in the flat monthly fee, due to tax planning considerations, we require that all eligible investment accounts be held under our management.

The First Step?

If you’re interested in working together, we've build a Right Fit Planning Process to ensure a collaboration works for both of us.


The Right Fit Process involves four meetings. At its conclusion, you will receive your financial plan with action items specific to your situation.


The first step in the process is a no-cost, no-obligation conversation. We want to meet you (virtually), begin to understand your situation, and hear what you're trying to navigate.

 To take the first step, please click here to schedule an initial consultation “Discovery Call.”

Not Ready Yet?

Are you interested in working with us, but not yet ready to schedule an initial consultation call?

Do you want to put us on the back burner as a potential option down the road?

We get it.

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