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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your firm different?

You’ve specialized with your career. You deserve a financial advisor that’s specialized as well. Most advisors work with clients from a potpourri of backgrounds. We work only with dentists. That narrow focus allows us to spend all of our time and energy on your unique planning considerations.

In addition, your life is not linear. So we treat financial planning as a process, not an event. That process demands regular communication and ongoing engagement. Most advisors treat planning as a singular event or a series of intermittent product sales. Not us.

Regular course corrections are the best way for you to reach the destination of financial independence as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’m not a practice owner. Will you work with me?

Yes. We work with dentists from all employment models.

I don’t live in Iowa. Will you work with me?

Yes. You deserve the best advice no matter your location. We work with dentists all over the country. Bonus points if you’re located in Iowa, like us. 

How will you work with me remotely?

We leverage technology to make communication and the implementation of your plan as simple as possible. Even our clients that practice near us love using virtual meetings, online scheduling, and electronic communication to be more efficient.

Your time and energy is important to us, so we’re always testing and implementing new technology to improve your client experience.

I’m more than four years from clinical retirement. Can you still help me?

We’ll do our best. We’re happy to point you in the right direction, or refer you to someone that can better help you directly. Please email with details about your situation, and we’ll be in touch.

What is your investment philosophy? How will you manage my investments?

The best way to maximize performance long-term is to invest in thousands of global equities, minimize fees, manage behavior, and reduce taxes. We leverage technology to invest directly in an index and tax-loss and tax-gain harvest, which helps accomplish those objectives.

Do I need a minimum amount of investments or income to work with you?

There is a household minimum of $100,000 of investable assets that are required to be under our management. There is no income requirement, but our model may not make sense for dentists earning less than $120,000 per year.

Will I be one among hundreds of other dentists that you work with?

Absolutely not. Bigger is not better for you or us. We desire to deliver massive value and have strong relationships with a limited number of dentists… 50 at maximum. A boutique firm, really. Beyond the numbers, we’ll encourage you to live your best life. Having a small firm and tight focus allows our small team to do the same.

I just need help with insurance and/or my investment accounts. Can you help me with that?

We are no longer able to accommodate transactional engagements for new clients. We believe products like insurance and investments are a component or by-product of comprehensive financial planning, and thus, are (broadly speaking) included in our planning model.

However, we are not able to facilitate the sale of products on a standalone basis in the absence of an ongoing planning engagement. We will refer you to a qualified product specialist when possible.

What mindsets are required to work together?

Are you looking for a collaborative experience with your advisor? A teammate approach? Our goal is to be a partner, not a patriarch. You don’t enjoy an entitled patient, and we feel the same. You don’t enjoy patients that often reschedule, and we feel the same.

We practice and fit best with DWYSYWD types. Bonus points: If you’re passionate about a hobby and have a dry sense of humor, we’ll get along even better.

What’s the ongoing service model? In other words, if I decide to work with you on an ongoing basis, what will be delivered to dentists like me?

You will have two semi-annual review meetings. Between those engagements, regular service work, and topical updates, you will engage with us most months.

You are also encouraged to contact us between regularly scheduled interactions for topics that require immediate attention.

Can you be more specific about some of the tasks included or addressed in your service model?

Sure thing! Your service will include (but not be limited to) investment management, Roth IRA conversion analysis, IRA contribution analysis, Backdoor Roth IRA analysis, dynamic retirement income management, tax-loss and tax-gain harvesting, and social security optimization.

We also address risk management, education planning for children or grandchildren, estate planning coordination, plus anything else we deem topical and necessary.

I’m interested, but not yet ready to schedule an initial consultation call. What’s the next best step?

We get it. If it’s not the right time for you to engage, please sign up for our email newsletter here. You’ll learn about relevant dental and financial topics featured in our podcasts and elsewhere. We only send 2-4 emails per month and you can unsubscribe anytime.