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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your firm different?

Most advisors work with clients from a potpourri of backgrounds. We only work with dentists. That narrow focus allows us to spend 100% of our time and energy on dentists’ unique planning considerations.

In addition, we believe financial planning is a process, not an event. That process requires regular communication and ongoing engagement. Most advisors treat planning as a singular event or a series of intermittent product sales. We believe regular course corrections are the best way to reach the destination of financial independence as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What’s the future vision of your firm?

Bigger is not better for us. We desire to deliver massive value and have strong relationships with a limited number of dentists… 50 at maximum. Part of our offering includes strongly encouraging our clients to live their best lives. In turn, our small team will be doing the same. 

Do you only work with practice owners?

No. We work with dentists from all employment models.

Do you only work with dentists in Iowa?

No. We work with dentists nationwide. Because we are located in Iowa, there is currently a concentration of clients practicing in or near Iowa.

What are the minimum asset and income requirements to work with you?

There is a household minimum of $100,000 of investable assets that are required to be under our management. There is no income requirement, but our model may not make sense for dentists earning less than $120,000 per year. We hope to eventually build an online course for new dentists that will outline the basic building blocks for getting started the first few years out of dental school.

I just need help with insurance/investment account/one-time consultation. Can you help with that?

We are no longer able to accommodate transaction or project-based engagements for new clients. We believe products like insurance and investments are a component or by-product of comprehensive financial planning, and thus, are (broadly speaking) included in our planning model. However, we are not able to facilitate the sale of products on a standalone basis in the absence of an ongoing planning engagement. We will refer you to a qualified product specialist when possible.

What mindset is required to work together?

We are looking for a collaborative experience with our clients. Our goal is to be a partner, not a patriarch. We are not looking to give orders to clients – or receive them. Responsiveness to communication is also at the core of engagement.

What’s the service model? In other words, what will be delivered to clients?

There are two semi-annual review meetings included in our model. Additionally, progress reports will be delivered quarterly. Between those engagements, regular service work, and topical updates, communication or engagement will occur most months. We are also accessible between regularly scheduled interactions for topics that require immediate attention.

What is the process to determine if we are the Right Fit to work together? How many meetings are required, and what is the decision-making process?

It normally takes 3-4 meetings over a couple months for potential clients and us to determine if the right fit exists to work together. There are several reasons for this. We recognize that our offering is fairly intangible. And while it’s not the most expensive model in the marketplace, it’s not the least expensive either. So, we’re willing to spend some time and resources to fully understand the objectives of a potential client, because we’re looking for a long-term engagement.

At the end of the Right Fit Process, we will deliver at no cost an executive summary for a basic financial plan. We want the potential client to get value out of the process, and so we help plot their initial course. It’s then up to the potential client to decide if they would like to “go it alone,” or have a guide on their financial journey.

What is the fee structure? Is there an onboarding fee?

There is no fee to go through the Right Fit Process outlined above. We make a good-faith assumption that anyone that would go through the process is serious about potentially working together in the future. If it’s determined the right fit exists and we reach an agreement to begin ongoing engagement, billing will begin. As outlined on our home page, fees are combined into a monthly flat fee and a percentage of investable assets held under our management, “capped” at a certain point. There is normally a 30-day buffer between agreement and the commencement of billing.