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The Practice Growth Podcast with Shawn Terrell

In this episode of Dentists, Puns and Money, I visit with Dr. Casey Goetz.

Dr. Casey is the owner dentist of Cuivre Creek Pediatric Dentistry in Troy, MO.

Dr. Goetz's interest in pediatric dentistry began with a chance encounter. It's just one of the many interesting topics we discuss. 

Listen to learn more about:

- How Dr. Casey picked Troy, MO as the location to build his practice.

- How he ramped-up his cold start practice to acquire patients quickly.

- Thoughts on balancing debt paydown vs. (re)investment in the practice

You can learn more about Dr. Goetz and Cuivre Creek Pediatric Dentistry at

Also, check out Dr. Casey's podcast: Brews and Tiny Teeth, The Unfiltered Pediatric Dentistry Podcast.