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<strong>Our Clients</strong>

Our Clients

Our clients are dentists and dental specialists. Many are also recovering do-it-yourself financial planners.

Our clients are intelligent and curious enough to continue down the DIY path with their financial planning, but now believe their time and energy away from patients is best spent with the people and activities they love the most.

Our clients have often worked with other financial professionals in the past, but have struggled to find an engagement model that offers a fair and transparent exchange of value for the products and services delivered.

Our clients have made a significant investment of time and money to become experts in their craft. As a result, they want a financial advisor with dental-industry experience and knowledge, not a generalist.

Our client base of dentists and specialists feature both practice owners and associates, as well as those with other employee arrangements.

<strong>Our Offer</strong>

Our Offer

We teach dentists how to make practice optional.

We offer fee-based personal financial planning. The desired outcome for our clients is financial independence from active practice.

Our clients build their life and lifestyle around the expectation of the income derived from practicing dentistry and, perhaps, from practice ownership. However, there is a 100% chance they will one day be unable to practice. It’s inevitable.

We first ensure our clients are secure in the event they are involuntarily forced to stop practicing. Next, we formulate the road map to help them become financially-free from dentistry – which is necessary for a voluntary exit from the marketplace.

<strong>Our Process</strong>

Our Process

Our process is built around ongoing engagement.

New clients should expect several meetings in the first 6-12 months of collaboration. This will include collection and analysis of client data, education and guidance on planning considerations and options, and the formulation of a prioritized action plan.

After the initial onboarding, ongoing guidance will be delivered monthly in conjunction with two annual reviews.

Similar to dentistry, we believe a comprehensive and holistic approach combined with regular maintenance over time leads to the best potential outcome. We leverage The Elements Financial Planning System in conjunction with this approach.

<strong>Our Compensation</strong>

Our Compensation

We believe in a hybrid fee-based model. This model includes both a flat monthly fee, and a fee based on a percentage of assets held under management. We do not charge an up-front or initial onboarding fee.

The total fee is discussed in detail if it's determined the right fit exists to work together. Our minimum household assets under management is $100,000. Our AUM fee is "capped" once the household AUM reaches $1 million.

The initial or ongoing plan may include recommendations to implement other financial products and services. Clients are under no obligation to purchase any additional products or services. In the event a client chooses to implement an insurance product directly from us, we will receive commission.

The First Step?

If you’re interested in a collaboration, the first step is a conversation to determine if we are the right fit to work together. The initial conversation will explore objectives, rules of engagement, and may include the collection of preliminary data. Please click here to schedule an initial consultation or "Discovery Call." There are no fees associated with the initial process to determine if we are the right fit to work together.

Our Availability

Many of our clients prefer to leverage technology in doing business with us. We utilize online scheduling, web-based meetings, and electronic document submission whenever possible. This allows us to work with clients in every quadrant of Iowa and in many parts of the country. While Dentist Exit Planning is digitally-based, we also maintain a physical office location for clients that prefer face-to-face engagement.